Attractions of Nessebar: Top 15

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

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After reading our review, you will find out what sights of Nessebar every tourist should see. We will tell you about what you should definitely see in Nessebar, regardless of the duration of the trip.

What to see in Nessebar in the first place

When compiling our rating of “the most interesting places in Nessebar”, we took into account the reviews of local residents and the recommendations of experienced guides. In our general opinion, the list of places to go in Nessebar, first of all, looks like this:

1. Old Town

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

The bridge connecting the quarters of the Old Town with the new part of Nessebar Elena Georgieva

Old Nessebar appeared in the 10th century. Much later, a New Town was erected near the first Thracian colony, connecting with the first bridge. Unfortunately, the most ancient buildings were destroyed by time. However, some buildings built back in the 15th century by the Ottoman Turks managed to survive. The buildings are now in good condition, thanks to the reconstruction. In the Old Town you will see many luxurious houses of the 18th century, made in the architectural styles of classicism and baroque.

2. Windmill

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Windmill made of wood on a stone base from the Byzantine churches in Nessebar Infobgv

Like many other sights of Nessebar, this one is located near the Old Town. The structure is made of wood, but stands on a stone base. In the past, it was a Byzantine church, but it was completely rebuilt. The object is the hallmark of Nessebar and a favorite place for romantic walks for both tourists and residents of the city. If you want to take great photos, your trip here will be the right decision.

3. Western Fortress

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

A hundred-meter section of the western fortress wall with a gate to Nessebar Mister No

In the early Middle Ages, the city was surrounded by a high and long fortress wall, eight meters high (now there are only one hundred meters from the fortification in length). If you want to touch the history of the city, guides in Nessebar will take you to this particular attraction.

Official website:http://www.ancient-nessebar

4. Byzantine Baths

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

The bright masonry of the walls of the Byzantine baths or ancient baths of the VI century in Old Nessebar Roman Dnepr

These huge baths are the cultural heritage of the city, preserved from the time of Justinian the First (Emperor of Byzantium). Marble was actively used in the design of the ancient complex: majestic columns and floors were faced with it. Stained-glass windows and mosaics were used to decorate the walls. The decor also has chic metal. You can look, among other things, at antique tiles with faces of great martyrs and illustrations on religious themes. Initially, the baths were supplied with water coming from the city water supply, and served as a resting place for wealthy Byzantines. Due to the peculiarities of the plumbing, different temperatures could be maintained in different rooms of the thermae. In the 9th century, during a terrible earthquake, the complex was almost destroyed. Now little has been preserved from the former grandeur of the ancient baths. However, if you are interested in the best attractions of Nessebar, which have a rich history and great cultural significance, a visit here will be the right choice.

Official website: http://www.ancient

5. Aqua Paradise

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Water amusement park “Aqua Paradise” is designed in the form of a medieval castle ARKADIUSZ MARKIEWICZ


Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

swimming pool slides of various heights and complexity in “Aqua Paradise” ARKADIUSZ MARKIEWICZ


The best option of what to see in Nessebar in 1 day with the whole family. The relatively new entertainment complex is notable for its impressive dimensions: the territory has 30,000 square meters. Guests are offered many water attractions with pools, slopes, open and closed tube tunnels. A number of them are made in the form of ancient palaces. The owners of the water park pay great attention to the safety of the park. Among other things, the complex includes numerous restaurants and cafes serving fast food, ice cream and national cuisine.

Official website: http://www.aquaparadise< /p> See the beautiful views of Nessebar in this breathtaking video!

6. Cinema Museum

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Heroes of the famous science fiction film “Star Wars” at the Cinema Museum

A private museum complex, the exhibition samples of which are the figures of various movie characters. In the collections you can see characters from the Terminator, Alien, Hobbits and other most famous films of the past and present. Also on the list of exhibits are manuscripts with spells, reduced models of military equipment, models of weapons.

7. Church of St. Paraskeva

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Facades of the Church of St. Paraskeva made of brick and hewn stone in ceramic-plastic style Esther Westerveld

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Inside the XIII century St. Paraskeva church in Nessebar fusion-of-horizons

Orthodox church of the city, which is under the protection of UNESCO. According to researchers, the building dates back to the 13th-14th centuries. If you don't know what to visit in Nessebar, but are passionate about history and architecture, come here.

Official website:

8. Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

View of the Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel in the Bulgarian town of Nessebar Cherubino

An inactive Orthodox church with a rectangular tower and a large dome, which is in a dilapidated state (despite the fact that the last restoration was carried out in 2013) and is under the protection of UNESCO. Learning about the main sights of Bulgaria, you will certainly hear about it: the cross-domed church is included in the list of 100 main tourist sites of the state. Estimated date of construction – 13-14 centuries. The temple was badly damaged during the Ottoman raids. The building does not have huge dimensions (approximate dimensions are 5 by 14 meters), but it looks impressive and majestic. The walls of the building demonstrate the style traditional for Bulgarian architecture: arched niches, masonry of white and red stones. Ceramics acts as a decor – green tiles are stacked in several rows.

Official website: http://www.ancient-nessebar

9. St. Stephen's Church

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

View from the western entrance to the interior of the Church of St. Stephen in Nessebar fusion-of-horizons

The temple was built in the 11th century. Initially, the church was erected in honor of the Mother of God (later the object was also renamed). At the end of the 15th century, the building received a unique carved iconostasis. Having made a trip to this temple, you can admire the episcopal chair of the Renaissance and the unique throne of the same era.

Official website: http://www.ancient-ness

10. Church of Christ the Pantocrator

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

The Orthodox Church of Christ Pantocrator (Almighty) is located in the Old part of Nessebar

Talking about the most popular excursions in Nessebar, this famous Orthodox church cannot be ignored. The building is located on the square of the historical and architectural reserve, which is on the list of UNESCO protected sites. In addition, the temple is included in the list of hundreds of the main tourist monuments of the country.

Official website: http://www.ancient-nessebar

Nessebar attractions: what visit in Nessebar?

We told you about the main attractions of Nessebar briefly. This is not the end of our list of wonderful places in a hospitable city. If you have already booked hotels in Nessebar and are now compiling a sightseeing itinerary, include in it:

11. Archaeological Museum

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Ancient artifacts and the building of the Archaeological Museum at the entrance to the Old Town of Michal Orela

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Exhibit of the Archaeological Museum in Nessebar Ad Meskens

The museum complex is located at the entrance to the Old Town. Opening date – 90s of the 20th century. The four-story building houses an impressive collection of antique objects, obtained through archaeological excavations, and relating to various eras: from the Byzantine and Roman to the Thracian.

Official website: http://www. ancient

12. Ethnographic Museum

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

The exposition of the Ethnographic Museum in the city estate of the 19th century Kritzolina

The museum is open in a 19th century city mansion, formerly owned by a wealthy Bulgarian merchant. Each room of the house offers an acquaintance with exhibits of its own theme. The exhibition collections include Bulgarian cultural and household items: textiles, clothing, household utensils, tools, and furniture. At the entrance in front of the estate, you can often see performances by various folk ensembles.

13. South Beach

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Golden sand, clear and shallow sea on South Beach

Arriving in Nessebar, you should definitely visit the beaches of the city. This one is located near the hotel Aphrodite, and is a not too wide sandy strip, several kilometers long. Thanks to the large local waves, South Beach, awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag award for its environmental friendliness, is especially loved by surfers. The territory is conditionally divided into paid and free zones. To relax on the first one, you will need to pay for a sun lounger and an umbrella. You can't sunbathe lying on your own towel.

14. Sunny Beach Resort

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Vacationers on the beach of Sunny Beach resort

The largest resort area in the country with a large number of budget and luxury hotels, located in the eastern part of Bulgaria. On the territory there are both modern buildings and buildings left over from Soviet times. Sunny Beach has also been awarded the Blue Flag.

15. Messembria Winery

Sights of Nessebar: Top 15

Local wine tasting from typical Bulgarian grape varieties

As well as the whole of Bulgaria, Nessebar famous for its wonderful wines. On a tour of this winery, you can taste locally produced alcohol, as well as learn about how it is made. The drinks you like at the tasting can be purchased at a bargain price.

We hope that you will want to include those sights of Nessebar, photos with names and descriptions of which you have just seen, in your excursion route.

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