Before its dissolution, Rostourism liquidated 13 tour operators at once

Before its dissolution, Rostourism immediately liquidated 13 tour operators

The last order from Rostourism, issued almost before the dissolution of this department on October 20, immediately liquidated 13 tour operators, 12 of them due to the traditional problem of financial guarantees, another company was struck off the Federal Register of Outbound Tour Operators due to “reorganization in the form of affiliation.”

Recall that on Thursday morning tourism received news – a surprise about the complete abolition of Rostourism, which did not reach its majority for exactly a month. According to an official document published on the official Internet portal of legal information, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the abolition of Rostourism. This department in its current form has existed in Russia for exactly 18 years – since November 19, 2004, when its first head was appointed to Rostourism.

The functions of the department will be transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development. According to the document, Rostourism was abolished in order to “improve public administration in the field of tourism”, as well as “the effectiveness of the development of the tourism industry” and “optimize the authorities.” Read the details at this link.

Nevertheless, the last order was published on the website of the department – just a couple of days before the dissolution, the department struck 13 more tour operators from the register. Of these, one company, Hadzang Tour, was removed from the register “due to
with reorganization in the form of accession. Another 12 were crossed out in connection with the “traditional” problem of financial guarantees. These companies are:

  1. Raido Limited Liability Company
  2. Ulysses Travel Limited Liability Company
  3. Eros Travel Limited Liability Company “
  4. Limited Liability Company “Raduga Travel”
  5. Limited Liability Company “JAN Tour”
  6. Limited Liability Company “Tour operator “Your Dagestan”
  7. Aizen Raizen Limited Liability Company
  8. Sacred Baikal Limited Liability Company
  9. Yolki Food Limited Liability Company
  10. Limited Liability Company “Surovy Krai”
  11. Limited Liability Company “Meridian”
  12. Limited Liability Company “Artemida”

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