Berlin has joined the movement against tourists: we do not want to see you

Berlin has joined the anti-tourist movement: we don't want to see you

Not only the resort countries of the Mediterranean have come to grips with tourists after the summer season. Berlin also joined the movement against tourists: we don’t want to see you, they said there too. The main problem is that a “poor-quality” tourist comes to the city, violating public order, and also that prices rise because of tourists.

“One of the goals of our strategy is to get rid of tourists who drink and wander from party to party, get drunk, make a scene or pollute the environment,” Berlin activists say. “Conscious” tourists who are ready to be interested in culture, to be interested in the city as a whole, to be in harmony with the inhabitants of the city, to visit museums and go to regular cultural events, and most importantly – to spend more – they are still ready to endure, but it is difficult to find them.

“Berliners are increasingly feeling uncomfortable with the excessive tourist flow,” said Christian Tanzler of Germany's Berlin-based tourism destination management and marketing agency Visit Berlin. Also, according to him, it is necessary that tourism does not raise prices in the city. Measures are being developed – tourists are trying to “redistribute”, for example, using the Going Local application used by Visit Berlin, tourists receive advice on other places to visit, in addition to familiar classic addresses. However, this is unlikely to affect “low-quality” tourists.

To fight them, rising housing prices most likely will not work, the Germans add, referring to the experience of Spain. The same Mallorca is trying to get rid of tourist-drinkers and party-goers, and in accordance with this goal, a significant leap in the quality of hotels has been achieved, and the number of 4- and 5-star hotels has increased dramatically. But despite rising prices, party tourism continues in full swing in the region.

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