Beware, Russians: the circles of hell that lie in wait for men from Russia in Thailand have been named

Beware, Russians: the circles of hell that lie in wait for men from Russia in Thailand

About the “circles of hell” that await men from Russia in Thailand – namely, those who wish to “naturalize” in the kingdom and marry a Thai woman – a Russian woman living in this country spoke on her blog on Yandex.Zen. According to her, “many Russians love this country” and believe that the locals are “kind, sweet, love tourists” … However, the blogger urges not to trust the “land of smiles” and assures that “many Russian guys who tied their fate with Thai, in the end, they were left with nothing,” and as a result, “instead of sympathy, they are already experiencing the wildest disgust.”

The blogger voices the following conclusions, which she “made against the background of life in Thailand, after numerous acquaintances with Russians who moved here for permanent residence”, including “guys who hated taeks after some time of relationship with them.”

It's all about the attitude of Thais to foreigners. In fact, “farangs” for them are “purses with legs”, for which no one feels any love and sympathy. Moreover. “How do you feel about the oligarchs? Do you experience envy, injustice and hatred? So for the Thais, we are rich people, and they have these three main feelings for us, ”she assures. While tourists live in beautiful apartments, locals live in shacks on stilts. Tourists buy expensive products, spend money on renting yachts, boats, cars or motorcycles, and allow themselves to travel all over the country. And the Thais, according to the blogger, “are sitting in their hut, barely making ends meet, and cannot even afford to leave for a neighboring city (this is how the Thais complained to me).”

As a result, the notorious smile is just an approach to “breed” a foreigner. “A smile can put you on friendly contact, and then a stupid tourist will fork out, won’t ask for a discount, or give a tip. Well, you understand, all this is because of money, ”the blogger assures.

As for the Thai girls specifically, as the blogger writes in caps, their attitude towards Russian guys – as well as towards other foreigners – is INSINCERE. “They are sure that by contacting the farangs, they will provide for them. And when the tourist has already pecked at the sympathy of the secret, she is trying with all her might to lure out money. Methods for this use a variety of. Someone threatens foreigners and, unfortunately, there are many such cases. Thai girls get in touch with a criminal group in order to shake money out of a Russian guy faster,” the blogger scared.

In general, no matter how beautiful the story begins, in fact, the Thais “will quickly take advantage of you and throw you away,” the blogger intimidates. “In general, I do not envy Russian guys. They really fall into these false relationships, and then they experience such a circle of hell. If you don’t believe me, look at YouTube for video evidence of how the Thais scandalously swindle the Russian groom for money. Thailand is not bad, but think 100 times before messing with a Thai. Beware, Russians! – the blogger warns.

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