Beware, the lights are turning off: popular tourist destinations and resorts in Spain will plunge into darkness

Be careful, the lights are going out: popular tourist destinations and resorts in Spain will plunge into darkness

Spain's “energy-saving regime” will disappoint tourists, but most importantly, it may not be safe. This assessment was voiced by experts in the tourism media after the decision of the Spanish authorities to “turn off the lights”. The illumination of many buildings, including attractions, as well as supermarkets, will turn off at ten in the evening. This policy also implies other unpleasant features for tourists.

Energy-saving measures in Spain could mean parts of the country fall into darkness early, experts say. Spain is implementing a new lighting policy that orders public buildings as well as shops and supermarkets to turn off all lights from 10pm. This will affect both cathedrals and museums popular with tourists, and, with a chance, promenades in resorts.

According to some reports, these measures will last until November 1, 2023, no less. Others are counting on a “test” shutdown that will show how much they can save in this way. However, experts are already sure that this measure will disappoint tourists at best. At worst, the number of “criminal elements” is expected to increase on dark streets.

Another unpleasant energy saving measure is the law to limit the use of air conditioners in public places. Everywhere, including hotels, as well as train stations, airports, and even public and commercial establishments, under this law it is forbidden to set their air conditioners below 27 degrees Celsius during the summer months.

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