“Biblio-Globus” started selling tours to Cyprus for Russian tourists

The Russian tour operator “Biblio-Globus” has started selling package tours to the resorts of sunny Cyprus with a departure from Moscow from July 23. Since it is impossible to carry out direct flights between countries under the conditions of anti-Russian sanctions, our compatriots will be transported to European resorts by comfortable connecting flights.

The flight program will be carried out along the route Moscow – Yerevan – Larnaca, i.е. with a connection at Yerevan airport. According to ATOR with reference to Biblio-Globus, the flight from Moscow to Yerevan is calculated on the flights of the largest Russian air carrier Rossiya, and from Yerevan to Larnaca – on the flights of the Cypriot airline Cyprus Airways. There should be no confusion with tickets, because. will form a single document. The flight program is scheduled for the period from July 23 to October 26. Departures are available twice a week.

The flight from Moscow to Yerevan is indicated in the schedule at 8:00 am, and arrival in the capital of Armenia at 12:00 pm local time. The connection is as convenient as possible, the time zone near the Russian capital and Larnaca is the same: Cyprus Airways planes depart at 16:00 in the afternoon, and arrive in Larnaca at 17:00. In other words, a flight on the route Moscow – Larnaca with a transfer in Yerevan will take 9 hours – this is longer if you fly directly, but it is better to make a transfer and fly without the “adventures” that may arise due to Western sanctions.

“The return flight from Larnaca by Cyprus Airways flight is scheduled for 9:00 am, and arrival in Yerevan is scheduled for 12:00 pm. The Rossiya flight leaves Yerevan for Moscow at 16:00 and arrives in the Russian capital at 18:00,” the source said.

What is the price of “package” tours in the Summer 2022 season?< /strong>

The tour operator offers trips to Mediterranean resorts lasting from 3 to 14 nights. For example, the cost of a vacation for 7 nights with a departure on July 23 starts from 141 thousand rubles for two without meals. At the same time, for a week-long tour with breakfast, tourists will pay 142 thousand rubles for two, with all-inclusive meals – from 166 thousand rubles. As for mid-August, a similar trip will already cost more – from 146 thousand rubles for two.

What about the pro-visa and documents on covid status?

Following the cessation of direct flights, the Cypriot authorities interrupted the issuance of pro-visas to Russian tourists. However, if there is a complete package of documents, including booking flights and hotel accommodation, our compatriots have the opportunity to apply for a national Cypriot visa. It should be taken into account that the term of its issuance lasts up to 5 working days.

Visa documents relating to “package” tourists will be considered as a priority, the Association assured. A valid multiple-entry Schengen visa or a multiple-entry national visa of Croatia, Bulgaria or Romania is also useful for a trip to Cyprus. Covid-19 documents, such as vaccination certificates and certificates of test results, are no longer needed from June 1.

However, Russians should take into account that some restrictive measures in the republic are still in effect. For example, from July 8, indoors, people over 12 years old will again need to wear protective masks.

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