Boat with 33 Russian tourists crashed into concrete pillars in Phuket, many injured

Boat with 33 Russian tourists crashed into concrete supports in Phuket, many injured

Thirty injured, six seriously injured — this is the result of the emergency that happened to Russian tourists on the resort island of Phuket. A boat with 33 tourists on board – according to Thai media, they are all Russians – crashed into concrete pillars. Almost all the tourists on board were injured.

The details are as follows – the Thanatship Marine 55 pleasure boat was returning from Phi Phi Island to Cape Chalong. Just 700 meters from the pier, the boat crashed into a concrete fence marking the safety of the canal, so that the concrete fence post almost “cut through” the prow of the pleasure boat.

The result of the collision was at least six tourists with serious injuries, eight more – with moderate injuries, according to what the Thai media reports. In total, there were 33 tourists and 3 crew members on board. The victims had to be transported to at least seven hospitals in Phuket.

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