Booking cancellations began after the attack, new explosions will aggravate the situation

After the terrorist attack, booking cancellations began, new explosions will aggravate the situation

Turkish hotels have expressed their alarm and concern: the reaction to the terrorist attack on Istiklal Street in Istanbul was that the reservations of tourists in Istanbul, especially in hotels in the Taksim district, began to be massively canceled. Moreover, we note that we are talking about a Sunday terrorist attack, the incident on Tuesday evening (read the details here), according to their estimates, will collapse demand even more. At the same time, we are mainly talking about Americans and Europeans, but for Russian tourists, who provide a significant demand for Istanbul, the testimony is contradictory, but in general, our compatriots are traditionally more fearless.

Basically, mass cancellations of bookings fix hotels on the European side of Istanbul. Moreover, some hotel managers on social networks said that they received a significant number of cancellations. Moreover, the number of daily bookings decreased by 50%. As hoteliers add, reservations from the European market are mainly reduced. America and Egypt follow. As a result, the cancellations “create an extremely nervous atmosphere in the hotels of Istanbul before the New Year holidays,” Turkish media write.

As for the Russian market – the reaction of which, we note, several paragraphs are allotted – there is a recession on it too. On average, a “slight decline” is recorded in Istanbul, but it does not affect Antalya in any way. In addition, a significant part of bookings from Russia falls on the New Year period, and so far the situation with terrorist attacks has not affected them in any way. However, some experts, such as Intourist, noted that “whether the consequences of the terrorist attack in terms of demand and booking can be assessed in about a week.” Also, Turkish publications cite ATOR's statement that after the terrorist attack in Istanbul, sales of organized tours from Russia to Turkey decreased by almost 25%. However, there have been no complaints or cancellations from tourists staying there yet.

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