Britain is not so great: a tourist visited the kingdom and said that England looks like a poor country

Britain is not so Great: a tourist visited the kingdom and said that England looks like poor country

A tourist from the Netherlands collected a million views and comments on social networks when she published her frank opinion about the UK. In describing her trip around the kingdom, she said that Britain is not so Great: “England looks like a poor country,” the tourist claims.

According to the Daily Star, the statement “torn the UK to shreds.” The scandal began with the first short post, in which a tourist from the Netherlands, Alison K. Montigin, said that the UK was “dark” and “looks and feels like a poor country.” According to her, such associations are evoked by “most of the UK.”

“After the Netherlands, at times the country is shocking. Everything is shabby and neglected. On the main streets there are boarded-up storefronts and abandoned cars. Trains and buses do not arrive on time, and signs of decay and poverty are everywhere. It shouldn’t be like this,” said the tourist.

The post earned over a million views and even more comments. Some of the British people were indignant under the post: “It’s strange, the places where I live and spend almost all my time in the UK are some of the most beautiful in the world (I’ve traveled a lot)”, “I don’t know where you’ve been, but this is not a reflection of the country , in which I live. Of course, we are not perfect and we have our problems.” The tourist was also remarked that the Netherlands is “the most tasteless place I’ve been.” But some agreed with her, admitting that the described facts do exist.

In the next message, the tourist added that in the UK there are “places of amazing beauty,” although “most of them are gloomy.” But nevertheless, the tone remained critical. “It’s shameful how many places have been allowed to fall into disrepair – with any political choice everything can be fixed.” And, as the publication adds, “in the third post, she continued to slander the UK.”

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