Catastrophe in the whole resort of Turkey: hotels are closing, tourists are running aimlessly

Disaster in an entire resort in Turkey: hotels are closing, tourists are fleeing wherever they look

Technical problems have led to a disaster in an entire resort in Turkey. A power outage for several days caused an almost complete flight of tourists, which in turn forced local hotels to close in an emergency order: some of them will never open, completely ruined. A similar fate befell local merchants and restaurants: their owners were horrified by such a catastrophe in the middle of the high tourist season.

Mustafa Deliveli, president of the Association of Tourist Hotels of the South Aegean Region (GETOB), said that tourism in the Datca resort had to stop completely. “Hoteliers, shopkeepers and citizens of the city have all been severely affected. Tourists staying at hotels have mostly left, and those who planned to come are canceling their bookings en masse,” he said.

In addition, according to him, hotels had to “waste tons of diesel fuel” to run generators, as a result of this additional expense item led to the fact that they are on the verge of bankruptcy. But for those hotels where there are no generators, it’s even worse – they are forced to somehow negotiate with neighbors with generators in order to “save” at least food.

“Hotels in Datca have reached the point where they are closing en masse. Datca, the jewel of our tourism, does not deserve this,” he said. However, at the moment, the authorities of the province of Mugla said that the problem with electricity has been resolved. But what was the problem – the sources do not disclose, although it is possible that the terrible heat in Turkey is to blame – the infrastructure simply could not cope with the air conditioners everywhere. Read the details in the article “Beaches in Antalya began to empty: tourists hide in hotels from the wild heat.”

Our reference: Datca is a Turkish resort in the province of Mugla, located about an hour's drive from Marmaris, on the Reshadie peninsula. You can also get to the resort by ferry from Bodrum. The resort is not very well known among Russian tourists, the majority of tourists are British tourists.

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