Chaos breaks out at Düsseldorf airport as tourists cry for help and say it's only the beginning

Chaos broke out at Dusseldorf airport: tourists cry for help and say it's only the beginning

After two years of self-isolation, the Germans are ready to travel the world for the upcoming summer holidays. But this is not the most joyful news for German airports. At least that's the case in Düsseldorf's air harbor, which faced huge queues and panic among tourists on May 14th. Chaos at Düsseldorf Airport, the world's most powerful hub for travel, is becoming the new normal. Most worrisome for tourism is that it could worsen as the busy summer holiday season begins, eTurboNews noted.

Düsseldorf Airport in Germany is one of the busiest in the country. For the upcoming summer tourist season, its schedule includes 160 destinations. The federal police is responsible for the security of airports in the republic. However, security checks for tourists at the airport have been outsourced to a security company called DSW. But even here there is a snag – a shortage of staff.

Just the day before yesterday, the publication reported, DSW announced a shortage of eighty security personnel at Dusseldorf Lohausen International Airport. The airport authorities decided to involve a second security company to avoid problems with checks during the busy flow of tourists, but the requests remained unanswered.

Meanwhile, hour-long queues at security means tourists will panic over delays and missed flights departing from the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. German airports are also experiencing an acute shortage of staff. In Frankfurt, Lufthansa was forced to cancel meals on most flights, leaving only apples as a meal for some business class passengers.

According to the kitchen workers, the problem lies not in them – the employees are doing a good job. The “weak link” is the shortage of personnel in the aviation sector.
In particular, there are not enough workers at the check-in counters. Hence the long queues of tourists at the airport and their dissatisfaction with the quality of service. However, there is still no solution to the problem.

Reports continue to come in of skirmishes between passengers who fight off impudent colleagues – all in order to protect their place in the check-in line. As emphasized by the publication, such incidents are becoming the new norm. The German Federal Police do not even send security officers to respond to such conflict situations.

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