Chaos turns to hell: in Europe, queues at airports have reached kilometer sizes

Chaos is turning into hell: queues at airports in Europe have reached kilometer sizes

The last days before the Catholic Easter – i.e. these Thursdays and Fridays have become the busiest days at British airports, as well as airports in many European countries. “Mile-long” check-in lines stretched outside the terminal buildings, eyewitnesses report.

So, huge queues for registration were recorded in the second terminal of London Heathrow. And in Birmingham, tourists were forced to wait in “long, long lines” to get through security. “Hell and chaos,” they say. It's no easier for arrivals – tourists at Manchester Airport have already complained that they had to wait for their luggage for 90 minutes.

Air carriers are also suffering. British Airways phone lines are overwhelmed, employees say, with angry customers trying to figure out if their holiday has been cancelled. This is due to the fact that dozens of flights have been canceled lately.

The reason for this is the “untimely” increase in bookings for the first high season, i.e. Easter holidays. Tired of quarantine, the British and other Europeans are eager to rest. Meanwhile, workers laid off during covid cannot be instantly reinstated. Read the background at the link.

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