Country popular with Russians extends covid rules until June 15

A country popular with Russians extended covid rules until June 15

Authorities at the popular European destination have announced that the country will extend the current COVID-19 entry restrictions for another month. Russians will be subject to stricter rules than tourists arriving in the country in the Pyrenees from EU countries. It's about Spain. The previous entry measures to the country expired on May 15, they have now been extended until June 15, 2022. The news was announced by the Spanish Interior Ministry.

In a press release issued on Thursday, May 12, announcing the resumption of borders between Spain and Morocco, the agency said the existing rules would continue to apply to Spain's external land, sea and air borders. “The border order to be issued by the Minister of the Interior extends all current restrictions on the external land, sea and air borders of Spain, in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of the European Union in connection with the health crisis caused by COVID-19, until 24:00 hours on June 15, 2022 of the year and replaces the current one, which expired on Sunday May 15,” the message said.

According to this statement, all incoming tourists will still have to comply with covid security rules. Under the conditions for crossing the Spanish border during the Coronavirus, all travelers over 12 years of age arriving from the European Union/European Economic Area are required to present a document confirming their covid status upon arrival. Travelers from the two blocks are allowed to enter Spain without restrictions if they have one of the following passes:

  1. Vaccination passport, which must prove that the holder has been primed with one of the approved vaccines in the last nine months or received a booster shot.
  2. Document of the recovered person, which must prove that the tourist had been ill with covid in the last six months.
  3. Negative PCR test result, which must prove that the holder passed a laboratory test or a rapid antigen test within 72 hours or 48 hours prior to travel to Spain, respectively.

However, the Minister Spain's Health Authority has said that passengers on flights to and from Spain will have to continue to wear face masks on planes, despite an EU recommendation to lift the rule on May 16.

On the other hand, tourists from third countries, which include Russia, are subject to stricter rules. Travelers from third countries arriving in Spain for tourism purposes may only enter the country upon presentation of a valid certificate of vaccination or recovery. At the same time, our compatriots need to remember that Russian vaccines have not yet been recognized by the Spanish side.

Certain groups of tourists aged 12 and over who fall under the exemption list are also allowed entry if they provide only a negative COVID-19 test result. Adolescents between 12 and 18 years of age do not need vaccinations or a certificate of illness during a trip to Spain, a negative PCR test result is enough for them.

Despite the extension of all entry rules, Spain has already relaxed some of its internal restrictions. So, on April 20, the authorities canceled the requirement to wear protective masks when visiting public places.

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