Cyprus, but not the same: the Russians were told about the prospects for launching flights to this island

Cyprus, but not the same: the Russians were told about the prospects for launching flights to this island

The topic of the “wrong” Cyprus – that is, its northern, Turkish part, and the prospects for launching Russian flights there, still does not leave the tourist community. Everything is developing, however, according to one scheme – in Turkey they say that an agreement with Russia on the launch of flights to Northern Cyprus has been practically reached, in the “official” southern Cyprus they express their indignation, in Russia they categorically deny everything.

On this time “categorical denial” was voiced by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko. According to RIA Novosti, a representative of the department said that information about the opening of air communication between Russia and Northern Cyprus is not true. He stated this on the sidelines of the Verona Eurasian Economic Forum

Among other things, this was a commentary on the fact that earlier the leader of the Turkish Cypriots, Ersin Tatar, in an interview with RIA Novosti, said that a Russian private company had applied for flights to Northern Cyprus.

Recall that the Turkish media stated that already on November 15, on the 39th anniversary of the formation of the unrecognized republic, Russia and “one more country” (it can be assumed that we are talking about Azerbaijan) can launch flights to the northern side of Cyprus. According to the TRNC Minister of Transport Erhan Arikli, they are “working feverishly” on the implementation of direct flights to Northern Cyprus in coordination with Turkey and so far the work is going well. At the same time, the potential has already been calculated. In terms of Russia, they are primarily counting on Russian tourists who could not get to Southern Cyprus due to EU sanctions. “About 650,000 Russian tourists, who usually arrive in Cyprus, are currently unable to visit the resorts due to EU sanctions. In addition, about 100 thousand Russians live in Cyprus, and these people cannot go to Moscow, and their relatives cannot come either. We are trying to create an alternative,” said Mr. Arikli. Click here for details.

However, the most likely candidate has already dropped out of the race. Even at the stage of the tender, the Turkish Anex Group, “represented” by its new airline Mavi Gök Aviation, based in Antalya, refused to participate in the project of the Northern Cyprus airline, which was counted on as a carrier. Read the details in this TURPROM article.

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