Daniel reached Hurghada: the tourists’ holiday became not cloudless

Daniel has reached Hurghada: the tourists' holiday has become not cloudless

The powerful cyclone “Daniel,” which meteorologists put into the history of observations with the epithet “deadly” due to the scale of its activity in different Mediterranean countries, has now reached the Egyptian resort city of Hurghada. Due to bad weather, tourists' holidays are no longer cloudless, reported the Egyptian newspaper Al Masri al youm.

Let us remind you that the Mediterranean cyclone “Daniel” flooded Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece with rain last week, and last Sunday it flooded Libya. The latter suffered the most – floods were recorded there, as a result of which at least 2,000 people died, about 6,000 more went missing, buildings were destroyed, airports and seaports were closed. And two cities – Sousse (one of the greatest cities of antiquity) and Derna – were declared natural disaster zones, and after the floods that hit them, tourists on social networks called these territories “ghosts”. “Daniel” left all his strength in Libya and, weakening, went east – to Egypt, then to Israel.

As forecasters clarified, the popular tourist city in Egypt was very lucky – the storm passed there only in the form of residual phenomena. On Tuesday morning in Hurghada, the air temperature dropped sharply and visibility deteriorated. In addition, eyewitnesses reported an unusual sunrise, “devoid of rays and shaped like the moon.”

The General Directorate of Meteorology reported a continued decline in horizontal visibility in the north of the country, including Upper Egypt, which passes through Cairo, due to the remnants of Daniel, the strongest cyclone in recent decades. Satellite images also showed the presence of low and medium rain clouds, accompanied by rain of varying intensity and occasional thunderstorms.

Experts also noted that satellite images indicate continued swirls of sand in the air in areas of the northwest coast. The sandstorm is currently moving towards Cairo, accompanied by deteriorating horizontal visibility. Meteorologists' data are such that the deadly cyclone lost most of its strength when it reached land in Libya, so the remnants of its former power are visible in Egypt.

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