Darkness and stench: the most expensive and fashionable island plunged into pitch darkness due to a man-made disaster

Darkness and stink: the most expensive and fashionable island plunged into pitch darkness due to a man-made disaster

Almost the entire Greek island, popular with tourists, plunged “in darkness and stink.” We are talking about the famous Mykonos – the most expensive and fashionable island of Greece. Due to a man-made disaster, more precisely, a power outage, most of the island plunged into darkness. Worse, it seems that the failures have affected the work of the sewer.

According to the Greek press, on Sunday evening around 21:45 due to a technical failure in the network, there was a power outage that affected 2/3 of Mykonos and lasted until midnight. As they say in Greece, restaurants had the worst of it, since at that time it was just rush hour. Only a few lucky tourists ended up in establishments with generators. “Some businesses that were left without electricity at a time when they were in high demand, mainly restaurants, were affected,” said Iraklis Tsizimopoulos, president of the Mykonos Business Association. everyone massively uses air conditioners and “hot” electrical networks simply can’t cope. At the same time, apparently, the power outage had more unfortunate consequences than the fact that tourists had to dine by candlelight – in some places the sewer system failed. As a result, the old port was flooded with sewage, which even reached the shops. The beach at Platys Gialos was also affected, “where the dirt and stench washed everyone off the sunbeds.”

Our information: Mykonos is one of the islands of the Cyclades archipelago, located in the central part of the Aegean Sea basin, its coastline reaches 89 kilometers. The closest islands to it are Andros, Delos, Tinos, and Tragonisi.

Recall that the heat has brought Greece much worse trials – they continue to evaluate the consequences of fires in Rhodes. The affected resorts present a gruesome picture: scorched earth, houses and hotels destroyed by fire, ash-covered beaches and sea waves – such a picture was captured by a drone that recorded the destruction caused by forest fires on the island of Rhodes. As they fear in Greece, the matter will not be limited to Rhodes alone. In total, 594 fires broke out in the country over the past 10 days, in addition to Rhodes, the island of Corfu and Euboea also suffered. Read more here.

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