Deadly swill in Turkey: tourists continue to be soldered with counterfeit alcohol – the police covered another cache right in the hotel

Deadly swill in Turkey: tourists continue to get drunk with counterfeit alcohol - the police covered another cache right in the hotel

With the beginning of the summer season, Turkish authorities and police continue to raid the country's resorts in search of counterfeit alcohol. Moreover, the raids that started at the end of April find not the first dishonest businessman. And here again – a secret warehouse with a deadly swill was discovered, and right in the hotel. Tourists should have been the victims of counterfeit manufacturers.

Police officers raided a hotel in the Payall district in the resort area of ​​Alanya in the province of Antalya. There they discovered a secret room (just like in the Harry Potter book). As stated in the Turkish media, the lower floor of the fire exit was closed with a plasterboard false partition for a counterfeit cache. During the searches, police officers who entered the secret compartment seized 348 counterfeit liter bottles of drinks and 25 counterfeit labels. Two employees of the hotel were detained on suspicion.

Recall that at the end of April Antalya began the season to find manufacturers and suppliers of counterfeit alcohol. And it began with a large “booty”. 2,000 liters of counterfeit products prepared for spilling in a truck, which was stopped by the resort's police, were immediately seized. It was supposed to put a fake, including in hotels. In the context of the financial crisis, expensive imported alcoholic drinks are periodically being replaced with counterfeit products of incomprehensible quality, often simply life-threatening.

However, the most high-profile counterfeiting case – and it directly and tragically affected Russian tourism – happened far before the current crisis: on May 27, 2011, participants in promotional tours for travel agencies organized by tour operators Mostravel and Coral travel died due to “scorched” alcohol. “. The day after the Evening Yacht excursion, most of the participants were hospitalized with suspected methyl alcohol poisoning. On May 30, one of the participants in the ill-fated cruise, Maria Chaliapin, died in the hospital of the Antalya resort. Following her, Aigul Zalyaeva died, and on May 31, a third girl, 20-year-old Marina Sheveleva, died in a Moscow hospital. A week later, Russian Alexander Zhuchkov died in a hospital in the Turkish city of Pamukkale, who was diagnosed by doctors with severe alcohol intoxication, which led to cardiac arrest. The perpetrators received prison terms of up to 90 years. Read more here.

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