Demand for Georgia among Russians put on the brakes

Demand for Georgia among Russians put on the brakes

The appearance in the “tourist agenda” of Georgia of direct flights to the country for the tourist market was unexpected. However, the demand for Georgia among Russian tourists is still on the brakes, said Artur Muradyan, CEO of Space Travel, to ATOR. The reason for this is both the prices and the “psychological factor” – not all tourists are ready to fly to the country after the past actions of the opposition protesting against the opening of direct flights with Russia.

at the end of summer in the TOP-5 in terms of tourist flow from the Russian Federation,” Artur Muradyan estimated. However, the expansion of the tourist flow is hampered by several factors at once. Firstly, the prices: “Now Georgia is very expensive, although the prices for connecting flights have begun to decline,” the expert explained.

But the main thing is the “psychological pressure” on potential tourists. Or, as the expert noted, “political pressure on the Georgian authorities.” “Psychologically, Russian tourists are very sensitive to such manifestations. No one at the airport wants to hear hurtful words. Therefore, demand for Georgia will slow down for now,” Mr. Muradyan noted.

The first tourists from a direct flight from Russia to Georgia were greeted not only with champagne, but also with protests at the airport. At least, this is what the RBC publication stated, which reported that the protests were organized by members of the organization of the deputy of the Georgian parliament Elen Khoshtaria, representatives of the opposition Droa party are also participating in the action.

As the publication adds, the protesters came out with posters “Your are not welcome. In addition, those disembarking from the plane were attacked with provocative questions. Read the details at this link.

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