Destruction of hopes: the popular country of Europe went against everyone, spoiling the rest of thousands of tourists

Destruction of hopes: the popular country of Europe went against everyone, spoiling the rest of thousands of tourists

Another European country refused to let tourists on its beaches without evidence of “covid-safety”, in fact, going against the general trend to cancel the pandemic, thereby ruining the rest of thousands of tourists, destroying their hopes. We are talking about Spain – the country suddenly extended the vaccine qualification for at least a month – until June 15th. This spoiled the holidays for thousands of tourists – primarily Europeans and the British, who expected to spend their holidays at the beginning of summer on the beaches of the kingdom without any covid barriers.

The reason is that the Spanish authorities have become concerned about the level of infection with the coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization, 66 thousand new cases of Covid have been registered in Spain over the past 7 days, by comparison, in the UK, whose tourists rush to Spanish beaches, this number is higher – almost 77 thousand per week.

< p>And they are afraid to let infected tourists into the country. Evidence of vaccination or other covid-safety is still required for entry. At the same time, tourists from third countries clearly require a confirmation of vaccination or a certificate of recovery recognized by the European Union. Adolescents from 12 to 18 years old are allowed to enter by PCR test. For travelers from the EU or EEA, a vaccination certificate, a certificate of recovery or a negative test result is required 72-48 hours prior to arrival in Spain.

Experts say that in this way Spain can lose the competition again – while other countries are giving in and lifting anti-covid rules. Of the European resort countries, Greece and Cyprus have already done this – they allow tourists without any pandemic requirements.

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