Discounts up to 60%: a popular beach resort among Russians fell sharply

Discounts up to 60%: a beach resort popular with Russians has fallen sharply in price

A beach “luxury” resort popular with Russian tourists has sharply fallen in price for the summer. Discounts reach up to 60%. Such data were presented for ATOR by experts from the travel market, who described the prospects for summer holidays in the Maldives.

According to tour operators, the average price reduction is 15-25% for the winter periods, but some hotels give significantly higher discounts – both 50% and 60%. In addition, the terms of the low season in hotels are determined differently. Moreover, these are high-quality hotels – as Intourist said, discounts are mainly given by resort islands and 4-5 * hotels. According to TEZ TOUR, in summer the discount for accommodation even in the most popular luxury hotels reaches 40%. At the same time, according to ANEX Tour, the traditional reduction of contract rates in Maldivian hotels during the low summer season lasts from May 1 to October 30.

However, most hotels in the Maldives provide special offers for May-July, and discounts range from 30 to 50%, and many hotels have upgrades to food formats up to all-inclusive added to Space Travel. “Summer is the best time to explore the Maldives, as many properties are moving to low season prices and resort islands make the most generous offers. Discounts on accommodation can be up to 60% of the standard price level,” FUN&SUN also noted.

As for the prices for tours for the summer in 4 and 5 * “in financial terms”, ATOR experts named the following prices:

  • ANEX Tour in June offers a package tour for 7 nights in a 4 * hotel with all-inclusive meals from 290 thousand rubles. for two.
  • FUN&SUN tour to a 4 * hotel (all inclusive) with a departure on June 24 on a regular Aeroflot flight will cost from 238 thousand rubles. for two.
  • At the Russian Express, an all-inclusive vacation in budget 5 * hotels in the Maldives with a departure on June 15 for 7 nights (flight by Aeroflot) will cost from 427 thousand rubles. for two.
  • Ambotis Holidays offers a package tour to a 5 * Maldivian hotel (all inclusive) with a departure on June 22 for 7 nights (Aeroflot) – from 334 thousand rubles. for two.
  • At PAC Group (departure on June 30 for 7 nights, all inclusive) – from 292.5 thousand rubles. for two.

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