Do they accept Russian cards in Turkey? How to pay in Turkey to Russians in 2022.

Do they accept Russian cards in Turkey. How will Russians pay in Turkey in 2022.

Earlier, Russian citizens, when they flew to Turkey on vacation, could easily use Russian bank cards there – pay in hotels, make purchases in stores, rent a car and withdraw cash in dollars or euros.

Recently, Russian bank cards stopped working abroad . So, what are the options, or is it now possible to pay only in cash in Turkey?

One of the ways to pay by card in Turkey, it is to issue a bank card in another country, which is not subject to sanctions or use the Russian “mir” card – it is accepted by such banks as Ziraat Bankası, Vakıfbank, Iş BankasI and DenizBank. You can withdraw cash from ATMs of these banks, and you can also pay by card in stores served by these banks.

But, The surest way, of course, is to use cash. We recommend that you calculate in advance the amount that you will need during your holiday and take with you as much cash or a little more.

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