Dream about abroad: named the number of Russians who plan to relax this summer abroad

Dream of a foreign country: the number of Russians who plan to vacation abroad this summer

For most Russian tourists, vacations abroad remains a dream – of the 47% who gathered on vacation in the summer, only 8% will go abroad. Such statistics were presented by a survey conducted by Otkritie Bank and the insurance company Rosgosstrakh. About 1,000 potential tourists from cities with a population of more than 100,000 people took part in the survey.

He showed the following. In general, on average, 47% of survey participants gathered on vacation in the summer. Of these, as already mentioned, only 8% of people plan to rest abroad in countries accessible to Russians – primarily Turkey and Egypt. Russian resorts gathered significantly more applicants – 27%. Approximately the same number of people voted for the answers “at home” and “at the dacha”, respectively, 20% and 24%.

Interestingly, on average, Russians' vacation plans have not changed in connection with recent events – 40% said they would rest there in the same way and in the same way as they had planned before February and the start of the special operation. Another 24% said that the situation forced them to abandon a planned trip this summer or change its route, and 8% even refused a vacation due to recent events.

In general, of all those surveyed, they are determined to go 47%, and in Moscow and the region their number is higher – 56%, and in the Far East – less, only 34%. About a third of Russians, or 27%, are still not sure about their plans for the summer. Another 26% do not plan to go on vacation in the summer, and in Moscow and the Moscow region there are only 16% of such haters, but in Siberia – 34%.

As for spending, most tourists do not plan to show off too much. Approximately a third or 28% hope not to spend more than 30 thousand rubles on vacation; the same number turned out to be those who are ready to spend from 50 to 100 thousand rubles. Few are ready for large sums from 100 to 150 thousand will spend 8%, over 150 thousand – only 5%. Another 14% voted for the option “do not intend to spend a penny” – obviously these are those who are going to relax at home.

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