Drunk tourist in Phuket stole jet ski and almost drowned

Drunken tourist in Phuket steals jet ski and nearly drowns

how rescuers caught him stealing a jet ski. The incident was reported by The Thaiger.

According to eyewitnesses, a man who arrived in a tropical country on vacation from Saudi Arabia was alarmed and drunk at the time of the hijacking attempt. Beach lifeguards reported that the traveler stole a jet ski and they were only able to catch up with him when he swam far out to sea. However, the active Saudi, who introduced himself as Abdullah, did not want to give up, he jumped from the transport into the water and tried to swim away from them. The forces of the elements and the tourist turned out to be unequal: after half an hour he was tired and began to sink, then the rescuers dragged the exhausted rider onto a jet ski and delivered him, along with the stolen transport, back to the beach. However, just in case, the man's hands were tied to avoid additional problems.

The tourist was taken from the shore to the Patong hospital, as it turned out, his body was exhausted, although he remained conscious throughout his journey. Local officers at the scene reported that Abdullah spoke indistinctly and appeared to be drunk and highly disturbed. Perhaps he was imagining something.

The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding Abdullah's decision to steal a jet ski, so whether law enforcement officers will initiate a criminal case against him for wrongful possession of a vehicle or not, also remains unclear at the moment.

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