Drunk tourists urinate on the street of the resort and neigh: the authorities realized that alcoholic tourists still rod despite the measures

Drunken tourists urinate on the resort street and neigh: authorities realized that alcoholic tourists still stick despite the measures

Spanish resorts are back to “usual problems”: despite all the anti-alcotourist laws, “pub crawls” have returned to the resorts. Now such tourists are in full swing “pissing in the streets and laughing loudly.” And if the government and the police do not take seriously the implementation of the new laws, nothing will change. This situation was sadly stated in the Spanish media by representatives of the tourist industry of the resort of Magaluf.

“They talk about improving the quality of tourism, but no, nothing is changing,” Pepe Tirado, president of the Acotur tourism association, told Spanish publication Ultima Hora. He specifically emphasized that drunken “overtourism” was a problem for the resort in pre-pandemic times and local authorities adopted the most stringent laws. On paper, he says, all laws are good. Recall that in 2020, new laws were introduced in Magaluf to prohibit the consumption of alcohol. So, tourists vacationing at all-inclusive resorts have introduced a maximum limit of six drinks. Supermarkets selling alcohol must close at 9:30 p.m. Bars are banned from special offers like “two drinks for the price of one”, boat parties and other parties without licenses are prohibited.

However, as Mr. Tirado notes, the necessary means for the law to be effective – and first of all, a sufficient number of police – are not in the resorts. Therefore, it is impossible to enforce the law – and everything returns to normal. The Pub Crawlers are back – I've been to a few bars myself and drank for very little money. There are all party boats on the move and full of proposals for parties with alcohol at sea – and no control over who organizes them. There are a huge number of street vendors on the streets, who sell whatever they sell – at best, alcohol – and pester all tourists. And, of course, the tourists themselves, who shamelessly urinate right on the street and neigh,” the Spanish expert described the situation.

He also suggested that all measures, except for repressive ones, are futile. Large fines should not remain on paper. “Tourism in Magaluf will only improve if the government cleans up the streets,” Mr. Tirado is sure.

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