Dust storm hits resorts in Egypt

Resorts Egypt hit by a dust storm

A dust storm hit the resorts of Egypt in South Sinai. The city of Al-Tur, not particularly known to tourists, turned out to be in the center of the elements, but local meteorologists fear that the storm will reach Sharm el-Sheikh with Dahab, and can also reach the mainland, where the resorts of Ras Galeb and Ras Suheir are located. Also, warnings have been issued for excursions to Mount Sinai and the monastery of St. Catherine. Strong winds and dust are being recorded everywhere, which impair visibility on the roads.

Maj. The main trouble is the high wind speed, on average 23 km/h, but in some places up to 40 km/h, which is already considered a strong wind. However, the “average” wind level also raises dust and debris into the air.

According to the head of the province, in Dahab the wind speed was recorded at 23 km/h at 29 degrees Celsius, while in Sharm el-Sheikh it is calmer – only 11 km/h. Strong wind also in Nuweiba and Taba. Also, the north wind “fell” on Mount Sinai, in the vicinity of which dust storms were recorded.

At the same time, the weather forecast for tourists in Sharm is quite favorable. The weather is hot – +28-30 degrees during the day and +22 at night. Water in the sea – +24 degrees. Mostly sunny weather is promised for the coming week.

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