Egypt began to distribute citizenship for money: Russian women realized that it was better to marry an Egyptian

Egypt began to distribute citizenship for money: Russian women realized that it was better to marry an Egyptian

Egyptian authorities have offered foreign citizens a passport and citizenship in exchange for investment. However, Russian women have calculated that it is at least 770 times cheaper to become a full-fledged resident of the country of pyramids through marriage with an Egyptian.

According to the calculations of a Russian woman living in Egypt, the minimum entry threshold for obtaining a green passport of this country will be $250,000. So, the methods are as follows:

  1. Buy real estate in Egypt for $300,000
  2. To participate in an investment project in the country in the amount of $350 thousand plus 100 thousand must be transferred to the treasury – the fee is non-refundable.
  3. Contribute to the state treasury $ 500 thousand for a period of three years. After that, they will be returned, but without interest and not in dollars, but in Egyptian pounds at the current rate. As you know, inflation has been high in Egypt in recent years.
  4. Give $250 thousand to the state free of charge. The authorities do not return the amount.

However, there is a cheaper and faster way to get a seat under the hot Egyptian sun. The issue price is $323 at the current exchange rate. “You can marry an Egyptian and get citizenship after 2 years. For 10,000 pounds ($323 at the current exchange rate, which is at least 770 times cheaper than the minimum requirement for a passport). You don't even have to take a language test. Moreover, citizenship for wives used to cost a penny … when they raised it to 10 thousand, the people were wildly indignant, ”the Russian woman advised in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

However, the tourist benefit from acquiring an Egyptian passport doubtful. In the world ranking of the power of passports in 2023, the document of the country of the pyramids took only 72 place with an overall mobility score of 65: 19 countries provide visa-free access, 46 require a visa on arrival, 133 request a visa. At the same time, Egyptians can travel under simplified conditions, mainly only to third world countries and small states. For comparison: the passport of the Russian Federation with a total score of 124 is in 35th place in the ranking, next to Turkey. For our fellow citizens, the doors are open without obtaining a visa in 77 countries, visa on arrival is issued in 47 countries, visa access is required by 74 states.

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