Egypt confirms: Russian tourists are preparing a double tour of Turkey + Egypt

Egypt confirmed: Russian tourists are preparing a double tour of Turkey + Egypt

The Ministry of Tourism of the two countries – Egypt and Turkey, are preparing a joint project to attract Russian tourists to Egypt through Turkey , and the project assumes that the tourist will visit both countries. Its development was officially confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt, Ghada Shalabi, in a statement published in the Middle East Eye (MEE). “The two countries need to join forces to overcome the decline in tourist traffic,” she said.

“Attracting Russian tourists through Turkey will be beneficial for both the tourism industry and airlines, and this cooperation proposal can help establish alliances between the national airlines of Egypt and Turkey, therefore, work is currently underway to prepare a joint tour project involving the two countries,” she said. she.

In turn, the Turkish side also expresses support: “The two countries have the opportunity to cooperate to reduce the negative impact of recent events on the tourism sector, and Egypt wants to start this cooperation as soon as possible, and this is good for Turkey,” said Turkish expert Magdi Selim.

As stated, the development of the project began in mid-March. It is planned to attract Russian companies to it, which “are looking for another country to send tourists to Egypt. “It is clear that this is due to transport routes that have already been tried during the closure of Egyptian resorts from 2015 to 2020,” they add.

Tourism expert Moataz Sedki, Vice Chairman of the American Chamber Tourism Committee, commented: “This step is very important in these difficult circumstances, especially since the Russian market is one of the most important and largest markets for the Egyptian destination. In the future, similar routes can be developed with neighboring countries such as Egypt and Jordan, Egypt and Greece, Egypt and Italy, and that there should be a unified marketing campaign, as well as cooperation and integration of national airlines in these countries.”

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