Egypt postponed indefinitely: flights banned, flights canceled

Egypt postponed indefinitely: flights banned, flights canceled

Encouraging signals about the imminent return of flights to Egypt, received over the weekend from iFly, did not come true. On Monday, the tour operator “TEZ Tour” announced to the correspondent of “TURPROM” not so encouraging details. In short – Egypt is postponed indefinitely: flights were banned, flights were canceled, money was promised to be returned.

“Due to the lack of permission to use the airspace of Jordan, as well as the restrictions imposed on the flight of a number of other states, Airline “I Fly” notified TEZ TOUR of the forced cancellation of the program of international flights to Egypt from points in the territory of the Russian Federation. At the moment, the airline has almost fully fulfilled its obligations to take out 7,500 passengers from the territory of the Egyptian Arab Republic, organizing 22 pickups on flights of third-party air carriers to Moscow and other regions of Russia, ”the press service of the tour operator TEZ Tour explained to the correspondent of the TURPROM infogroup. ”.

As the experts added, as of December 26, there are single tourists in Hurghada whose vacation has not yet been completed. They will be offered air travel options on an individual basis. The export of tourists from Sharm el-Sheikh will be carried out from 28 to 31 December.

“The return of funds for failed tours is provided in full. For cancellations, please contact the place of booking. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and inform you about the continuation of work on obtaining permission to operate flights to Egypt. In the event of a positive development of events, the flight program will be restored, about which the tour operator will additionally inform its partners and customers,” TEZ experts also said.

Recall that the story of Jordan has been going on since the tenth of December. Pegasus was the first to face this problem, whose tourists were transferred to the Turkish carrier Southwind Airlines and they will be sent to the resorts of Egypt with an intermediate stop in Antalya for refueling, and for the reason that the Turks do not have the right to carry Russian passengers directly to a third country – only with a formal landing in Turkey. Further, the carrier TEZ Tour, the iFly airline, also came under attack. Jordan closed its airspace to aircraft that had not undergone “debermudization”, carriers of several tour operators at once received a requirement from the aviation authorities of Jordan to provide an insurance certificate issued in London and classified A ++ in order to be able to use the airspace of this country. The problem is that on the route to Egypt, Jordanian airspace is critical – it is almost impossible to fly around. Moreover, planes with dual “citizenship” do not allow other countries to pass. At the same time, those who have switched to the Russian registry fly through Turkey. Read the details here.

On Saturday, there was a “glimmer of hope”: the Jordanian media reported that the country's aviation authorities had allowed iFly to enter Jordanian airspace on its way to Egypt. Read the details here. However, there was no official confirmation of this over the weekend. And on Monday, disappointing information was announced about the continuation of the ban on flights.

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