Egypt went on a record: tourists became visible-invisible

Egypt has set a record: tourists have become invisible

Egyptian tourism officials announced the most positive forecast for the number of tourists in recent years. The Land of the Pyramids has set a record: tourists have become invisible, they assure. Egypt received almost 7 million tourists for the first time in six months, the highest in the country's history in that period. officials. They also claim that 10% of the tourists who came to Egypt in the first half of this year came from Germany. As in Turkey, tourists from Russia actively compete with them, but so far remain in second place. At the same time, Egypt expects that the number of visitors in the second half of the year, i.e., from the beginning of July, will be higher.

The statistics also led to optimistic expectations for the next year. The Ministry of Tourism believes that the number of tourists coming to Egypt will grow next year to 18 million tourists. It should be noted that Egypt recorded the last record in 2010, before all the revolutions and other cataclysms, then the tourist flow reached 14.7 million tourists.
Last year, according to official statistics, about 11.7 million tourists visited Egypt. And the tourism ministry expected inbound tourism to grow by 28% this year. At the same time, according to data for the winter, the growth figure was 35% compared to last year.

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