Europe warned: Easter chaos in tourism will last all summer, and it will only get worse

Europe warned: Easter chaos in tourism will last all summer and will only get worse

Huge queues at airports, flight cancellations and other “hell and chaos” that European tourists have experienced during the Easter holidays during the current week will continue at least the entire summer season of 2022. This statement was made by the head of the most famous low-cost airline in Europe, Ryanair, Eddie Wilson. “Pandemic” staff cuts are the main reason for this, and their consequences will be felt for a long time to come, he also assured.

“Many airlines are now experiencing difficulties, many service companies, airports are experiencing difficulties – in general, this applies to the entire economy. It was not easy to stop the work of most of the aviation industry during the pandemic – but it will be even more difficult to restore it, ”said the CEO of the low-cost airline. True, he said that his company is still “in a good position” in the summer.

Long queues at airports continue to plague tourists at least throughout the UK, especially at Manchester Airport. At the same time, problems have already begun at continental airports, where heavy congestion is also recorded.

Tourists are being offered new services in this regard – for example, at Stansted, the fourth largest airport in the UK, travelers were told to arrive the night before if they had The airline has an early baggage drop service. By the way, the tour operator TUI offered the same service to tourists: tourists are advised to check in their luggage at the airport the night before departure in order to try to avoid long queues.

The last days before Catholic Easter – that is, these Thursdays and Fridays have become the busiest days at British airports, as well as at airports in many European countries. “Mile-long” check-in queues stretched outside the terminal buildings, eyewitnesses report. Read the details at the link. As you can see, tourists are not promised any concessions in the summer season either.

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