European mores: vending sex machines appeared at airports in Italy

European manners: vending sex machines appeared in Italian airports

A vending machine selling sex toys has appeared at the Naples airport. This news is passed on to each other by tourists in social networks. The opening of this vending machine was first reported by passengers flying on easyJet and Ryanair flights.

In addition to chocolate protein bars, digestive tablets, pads, masks and much more, tourists also found Products for adults”. Among them are vibrators and other sex toys, as well as more than 30 varieties of condoms and lubricants. Tourists also announced prices: the Durex Maxi sex toy costs 65 euros, the “pocket” version of Intenser Pure Fantasy – 13.90 euros.

Some tourists approved the project. A tourist from the UK said it was a good idea, as many people are embarrassed to take their sex toys and other things in hand luggage. “We girls are worried that you will have to take it out and put it on a tray. I heard that some were asked to turn on the vibrators in front of other passengers to prove that it was not some kind of explosive device,” she said.

“Puritanical” comments are also present. First of all, they note that the device is located on an open floor and 18+ products are available for viewing by everyone, including children. “I was shocked. It's like an open invitation to join the Mile High club (a playful name for airplane sex lovers). Even if you are traveling alone!” said a passenger from London. “I suppose Italians are more open about sexual matters, but I'm not sure if this is appropriate for the families around,” he added.

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