Europeans urged to brace for tough summer for travel as chaos and huge delays expected at airports everywhere

Europeans urged to prepare for a tough summer for travel: chaos and huge delays are expected everywhere at airports< /p>A nightmarish start to the European Easter holidays, when many tourists, especially in the UK, were stuck at the airport in the longest lines for 12 hours in a row, could become a trend for the entire upcoming summer tourism season. This is how popular European publications frightened vacationers. The reason is that European airports and airlines, which laid off a large number of employees during the pandemic, cannot quickly recruit them for the upcoming season due to safety requirements. As a result, the summer season may turn out to be not only difficult, but the most difficult for travel: chaos and huge delays are expected everywhere at airports.

Recall that during the Easter holidays, British tourists already had the dubious fortune of facing five-hour queues at airports, as well as mass cancellations of flights and ferries. The “post-pandemic” reality was clearly not ready for the resumption of tourism.

According to some sources, it will not be possible to immediately correct the situation. Recruiting new staff – and its absence is the main cause of problems – airports will not be able to sooner than six months. The “recruits” still need to be found and checked for safety. Typically, such reviews take 14-15 weeks, according to “high-ranking industry insiders.” They also blame governments for “failing to provide resources to cope with additional demand.”

“Aviation has been one of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic, suffering from a lack of targeted support. And now she will have to endure a nightmarish summer caused by bureaucratic staff checks, ”says one of the sources. Another argues that under the current conditions, it is unlikely that a typical European layman would want “that we take risks by accepting anyone in the security service to work.” Sources also noted this fact: “Airlines and travel companies treated their employees so badly during the pandemic that it is not surprising that they do not want to return.”

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