Events have accelerated: 2 Russian airlines can fly to a new Mediterranean resort at once

Events have accelerated: 2 Russian airlines can fly to a new Mediterranean resort at once

Turkey continues to develop the theme of recognizing Northern Cyprus, including launch of new Russian flights to this resort. Moreover, local media claim that the interest of Russian air carriers and tourists has become one of the reasons for the “acceleration of these events.” This was called the second reason, the first was the speech of Turkish President Erdogan at the UN on this topic. Recall that Russian officials, represented by the embassy in South Cyprus, deny the fact of the agreement and the launch of flights.

The Turkish media said that the unrecognized Northern Cyprus will create its own national airline, which should already undertake a “test flight” at the end of October.

The Minister of Public Works and Transport of Northern Cyprus, Erhan Arikli, said that the name of the new airline will be “Mavi Kyrenia Airlines” (Blue Kyrenia – named after the Cypriot city), it should start from 5 aircraft.

But more interesting is another statement by Mr. Arykla: he assured that “there are no legal obstacles to the landing of Russian aircraft” at Ercan Airport, and moreover, negotiations are allegedly already underway with two Russian airlines on flights to the territory of Northern Cyprus.

The problem is that the official recognition of Northern Cyprus has not been achieved, including by Russia. So, only Turkish carriers fly to the north of the island, which is under Turkish rule. This, it must be said, does not prevent many Europeans from working and relaxing in this territory, but “unofficially.”

We also recall that the Russian embassy in Nicosia earlier made a rather sharp comment on this information. In it, it stated that there were not only no plans to launch flights, but even no negotiations. And all reports that direct flights from Russia to Northern Cyprus will begin are speculation. Read the details at the link.

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