Everyone is terrified: the Egyptian Sphinx suddenly closed his eyes

Everyone is terrified: the Egyptian Sphinx suddenly closed its eyes

Photos of the Egyptian pyramid aroused an unprecedented interest of tourists in the sights. There is a reason: the pictures show that the Sphinx, the oldest sculpture in Giza, suddenly closed its eyes. Tourists, officials and hoaxers argue about the causes of the phenomenon.

Here is what a Russian woman wrote about this on the Yandex.Zen channel: “Now a lot of photos of the Sphinx with their eyes closed are walking around the network. They are made by both the Egyptians and our Russian-speaking residents. Apparently, the photo is not a fake (a fake would have been exposed long ago). But whether he really closed his eyes, or whether this is such an angle, or something happened to the stone that caused the “closed eyes” effect, is still unclear.

It is still unclear whether this is true or fake, but this news is being discussed on Facebook (the site is banned in Russia by Roskomnadzor). Those who are not indifferent publish photos where the absence of pupils in the statue is clearly visible. The former declare with all confidence that this is a terrible omen and a harbinger of the imminent apocalypse. The second (astrologers) assure that in this way the Sphinx stood up to protect his country, that hard times are coming, and Egypt will become the safest place. Still others are exercising their wit with might and main. According to the author, a “sea” of jokes, memes and comics appeared, explaining why the Sphinx suddenly “decided to take a nap”: “Maybe he ate a lot of cookies at the recent Eid al-Adha?”, “Or watched Eurovision?”, “Or just Tired of being awake for over 2,000 years?

On the other hand, in the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, officials deny that the eyes suddenly closed at the monument, and all the photos showing this are fabricated: the sight of the legendary statue's closed eyes can be explained by a change in angle or lighting. “A source from the Ministry of Antiquities confirmed that the photograph of the Sphinx was a fake, as it was taken at an angle opposite to the sun. Due to a weak camera, his facial features were not shown, which is why the image looked like this, ”the Russian woman quoted.

Nevertheless, the riddle aroused great interest among tourists and the Egyptians themselves: now they go in droves to the sculpture in order to approach the monument and personally look at the new wonder of the world. “So if this is a marketing ploy for the development of tourism in Egypt, then, as they say, “the prank was a success,” she added.

A brief note about the history of the Sphinx from a Russian woman living in Egypt: “The Egyptian Sphinx is one of the most mysterious statues on our planet. It is a demigod with the head of a man and the body of a lion. And his face is not anyhow, but (according to one version) of Pharaoh Khafre; if so, then the statue was built in 2558-2531. BC. The Sphinx is 73 meters long, 20 meters high and 19 meters wide. Tourists are brought to it after visiting the great pyramids on the Giza plateau. According to the most popular version, he guards the graves of the pharaohs. But even this is not accurate – in the end, no remains of the pharaohs were found in the pyramids, and their real purpose is also a big mystery.

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