Everyone was shocked when a tourist named Daria stripped naked and broke into a sacred temple in a popular resort

Everyone was shocked when the tourist named Daria undressed to the goal and broke into the sacred temple in a popular resort

Eight years in prison threatens in Bali for a scandal with nudity in the temple of a 28-year-old tourist who undressed during worship and began to dance. The locals “traditionally” accused the Russians, but the tourist turned out to be from Germany, although judging by the name of the exhibitionist, which the Indonesian press cites, it could not have done without Slavic roots.

28-year-old Daria Tushchinski (as the local press calls her) was unable to buy a ticket to a performance at the temple in Ubud. As a result, the tourist seems to have decided to “pay extra” with a striptease. At least to the amazement of the guards, she took off all her clothes and went on stage during a Hindu dance show in Bali.

In the video, which was filmed by a local resident, a tourist can be seen walking around the dancers, taking poses and curtsies to a local man who tried to take her off the stage. She was then filmed kneeling at the temple and pretending to pray. The dancers, it must be said, ignored the “show” “with impressive concentration”, as the media added.

The striptease lasted, apparently, only a couple of minutes, while the guards and the audience figured out what was happening. As a result, the tourist was taken off the stage by security officers and handed over to the police. The author of the video, by the way, “usually” accused the Russians, or rather some “Caucasians”, signing the video literally like this: “Well, why are Caucasians getting crazier” (“Well, why are Caucasians going crazy?”)

However, it turned out that the tourist was still from Germany. Moreover, she is a “long-term” resident of Bali and is well known to the local police for her inadequacy. Bali police spokesman Stephanus Satake Bayu Setianto explained to the press that this is not the first time a tourist has been undressing in public. “During her stay at Ubud Bungalow, she was often seen naked while walking around the villa grounds,” he said. He was joined by the head of the Ubud district, Wayan Vidana, who said that the tourist was suffering from mental health problems, and also “she had problems with money.” By the way, a ticket to the show costs about $11.
As a result, all visitors to the show who bought tickets received an official apology from the staff of the Saraswati temple in Ubud. “A cleansing ritual was then carried out to remove the bad energy left by the woman,” the media added. The “stripper” faces a charge of indecent behavior, and for this the tourist can be sentenced to prison for up to two years and eight months.

At the same time, there is no talk about introducing quotas for German tourists. However, it is recalled that between January and March 2023, the director general of the immigration service stated that 620 foreigners were deported from Indonesia. Including for disrespect for sacred places – in which, alas, our tourists also excelled. So, in early May, a group of Russian tourists were arrested in Bali for inappropriate behavior at the Pengubengan Temple, a sacred place for local residents and the largest Hindu temple on the resort island. The “offensive” incident was reported by the South China Morning Post. The Russians – two women aged 35 and a man aged 37 – were detained for dancing and inappropriate posing in a sacred place. At the same time, the police did not begin to talk in detail about the behavior of the Russians and why exactly their behavior was considered offensive. Read the details at this link.

Another Russian was involved in a scandal with sacred places and nudity in March, violating the rules of staying on the resort island of Bali, and in a harsh form: the man defiled the sacred mountain Agung with his actions. Climbing to the very top, he pulled down his pants, captured this moment on video and published it on the network. The island authorities condemned this shocking behaviour. The violator faces deportation. According to Balidiscovery, the man dropped his trousers and raised his hands in a victory salute to bizarrely mark his successful climb of the mountain. His nude “triumph” was posted on social media. Read the details here.

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