Everyone will be combed, movement will be limited, housing has become super expensive: Sharm el-Sheikh is waiting for the November summit

Everyone will be combed, movement will be restricted, housing has become super expensive: Sharm el-Sheikh is waiting for the November summit

The resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt is putting the finishing touches to host the 27th UN Climate Change Conference, scheduled to take place from November 6 to 18: areas have been brushed, a new road has been made, routes have been adjusted due to movement restrictions and The most heartbreaking thing for tourists is that the price tags for renting housing have been raised several times.

“The closer November and the start of the Climate Conference, the stronger the“ smell of kerosene ”. And so it was clear that during the Conference some restrictions were inevitable, that prices might rise, etc., but now it looks like the screws will be tightened somehow too much, ”said a compatriot on her Yandex.Zen channel '.

According to the Russian woman, who has been living in Sharm el-Sheikh for about 10 years, the November summit has its advantages. “The city has been heavily “combed”, and not only the central regions. We have re-paved the road and made good sidewalks. There is also less garbage, although in Sharm el-Sheikh there were never any special problems with this, ”she added.

Housing has risen many times over

However, there is another “side effect” of holding a global event: mainly independent tourists who wanted to book accommodation (hotels and apartments) in November, but faced unrealistically high price tags, are not happy with it. “But the Conference is approaching, and the further, the more terrible. Rental prices have skyrocketed. The price tag for absolutely all hotels takes off from the beginning of November (even for those options where obviously they will not accommodate Conference participants). Renting apartments has also risen in price,” the author explained.

Organized tourists stay out of the hype of prices – the Conference did not particularly affect the cost of package tours from Russia did not change. Another thing is booking residential real estate directly. “It's very expensive in Sharm el-Sheikh these days. But whether there will be demand and whether the landlord will be able to earn by renting out his housing at exorbitant prices is not clear, ”the Russian woman thought and, as a confirmation, she cited measures of real ads that she took from thematic groups on social networks:“ A studio in Hadab is for rent for a long time from November 5 . Equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life. 8'500 Egyptian pounds (27 thousand rubles) + 3'000 pounds deposit (9.5 thousand rubles)”. It is not clear whether the landlords waited for calls, but compatriots laughed heartily at his requests. “Are you 'smoked'?! A studio full of cockroaches and running rats”, “I guess I’ll soon move from a kopeck piece to a studio with such prices”, “Oh, and we are 7,000 (pounds, i.e. 22.2 thousand rubles) for three bedrooms .) we pay”, – such comments were left by compatriots living in the Egyptian resort town.

“I will rent a dog house on the balcony, there is a roof, a mattress lies, the capacity is 2 people. Yes, the toilet is outside. The price is 5'000 pounds (15.8 thousand rubles),” another comment came from the locals, this time in jest.

Restriction of traffic and possible ban on going outside< /p>

In anticipation of eminent guests and participants of the summit, roads will be blocked. “The question is how often this will happen. My daughter talked to her friends today and brought a rumor that after 14:00 it will be forbidden to go outside at all. I immediately remembered the curfew in Sharm el-Sheikh in 2020,” the blogger noted.

Against the background of the Conference with the participation of almost 200 countries, it was also stated that children studying in traditional schools of the resort city , and in Russian, changes will come. We are talking about remote work or extraordinary holidays. “Excluding the holidays, at best, it turns out to be half a year of study, if not less,” the Russian woman calculated.

In addition, tourists were warned about a possible shutdown of the Internet. “Let's hope for the best, but if suddenly all the rumors are confirmed, this is some kind of theater of the absurd,” the blogger concluded.

Help: The UN Climate Conference is one of the global conferences carried out to counteract climate change that threatens life on the globe. The official dates for the summit are November 6–November 18, 2022.

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