Everything is much worse: in this cursed place of the airport in Thailand, they have repeatedly tried to cut off the legs of tourists

Things are much worse: in this damned place of the airport in Thailand, they tried to cut off the legs of tourists more than once< /p>The incident with a tourist who had to amputate her leg after falling on an escalator at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok is not the only tragic incident that happened here: it turned out that everything was much worse. The alarmed public voiced other cases in the Thai media, from which it is clear that tourists have been injured more than once in this cursed place of the airport in Thailand, only some were lucky to get off with a slight fright. As if this technique is seriously possessed by an evil spirit and is trying to kill tourists, some commentators write.

Recall that the last incident happened on Thursday early in the morning on the escalator in the South Corridor in the second passenger terminal. According to eyewitness accounts, it all happened suddenly when a tourist tripped over her pink suitcase in front of the moving walkway. Her left leg immediately began to tighten the mechanism. Horror and panic seized the passengers, who instantly realized the danger and tried to use the emergency switch, as the structure continued to tear the muscles, tendons and bones of the unfortunate tourist's limb. “It was terrible,” said one witness. “We heard her scream as the travator grabbed her leg. People started screaming and running around trying to turn off the track to save her.” The injury turned out to be extremely serious, the leg had to be amputated, and the tourist is still in a state of shock, the media write. Read the details here.

According to the Thai press, this is not the only case of such an emergency at the airport – just ten days ago, a child was injured in a similar “accident” on an escalator. His leg was also stuck on the right side of the escalator. The child received a long leg wound, but fortunately, it cost 11 stitches, and he is already trying to “run as before.”

The media also recalled the incident of 2019 – then the “victim of the escalator” was a man whose boot got stuck under the escalator. He was saved only by the fact that he instantly took off his shoes to avoid injury, and only the worn out boot became the victim of the “predatory” escalator. At the same time, as the victim stated, the airport only sent an apology in a text message, and did not provide any further support.

Commentators on TikTok state a variety of reasons for such frequent emergencies – from sloppiness and violation of safety regulations – in the case of the tourist mentioned that the protective plates covering the “comb” of the travelator did not work. Some people think that flip-flops and Crocs, which every first person in the country wears, are also to blame, recalling that in Hong Kong it is simply forbidden to stand on escalators in such shoes. Finally, some quite seriously suggested that “evil spirits” had moved into the technique.

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