Everything is very chaotic: the Russians were warned about the imminent and sharp rise in prices for holidays

Everything is very chaotic: the Russians were warned about the imminent and sharp increase in prices for holidays

With Russian prices for holidays, “everything is very chaotic ”and they depend on many factors, in this case, and on the volume of proposals for Egypt and Turkey that will return to our market. However, most likely, our tourists will see a rise in the price of tours this summer by at least 20-30%.

At least, such figures were given to the Prime agency by Sergei Chernikov, associate professor of the Faculty of Economics of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. At the same time, the first thing he said was that the rise in prices by the summer is a seasonal phenomenon, but supposedly “the memory of the tourist has reset to factory settings” – and they nervously perceive a logical seasonal rise in price. The expert also added that it is impossible to single out a stable trend in the tourism market.

“Everything is very chaotic, Rostourism seems to be seeing an increase in bookings in all areas of domestic tourism, but it is very uncertain, with the dominance of minimum prepayments and free cancellation,” he said. Foreign destinations, in turn, are in uncertainty “due to news about the attitude towards Russians in the so-called civilized countries and restrictions on flights,” the expert assured.

As a result, according to his forecasts, prices for domestic routes should by the summer to grow by 20-30%, for air tickets by 10%. However, if Egypt and Turkey are able to accept our tourists in sufficient volumes, this will reduce the increase in prices for domestic destinations.

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