Exhausted tourist demonstrates why you should always wear sneakers at the airport

Exhausted tourist demonstrates why you should always wear sneakers at the airport

Wrong shoes can cause problems and delays at the screening before departure, so experts advise choosing something that which is easy to put on and take off. A tourist flouted this rule and got caught in a video showing why you should always wear sneakers at the airport, writes The Sun.

A video is gaining popularity on social networks in which passenger Laci Wells tries to help her friend take off her high boots before a security checkpoint. The girls stand in funny poses, and one pulls the other by the heel, but the shoe does not want to leave the leg.

In this regard, experts from the American Transportation Security Service decided to remind passengers how to avoid problems with screening at the airport. “Wear shoes that are easy to take off, avoid clothes with a lot of metal and wear heavy jewelry after passing through security,” the service representatives wrote.

In the comments, users are outraged by the stupidity of the passenger: “People like this girl , should be added to the list of prohibited flights. Others share their own take on the perfect flight shoes, and most opt ​​for crocs or sneakers.

Another commenter wondered, “why doesn't she wear socks with these boots?” By the way, experts have previously warned against walking barefoot in airports, where the security zone is considered the dirtiest part.

Pediatrician Rami Kalis from Atlanta said: “The floor is often dirty because there are many people walking there, and it is not hit sunlight. I didn't sample these areas, but if we did, I'm sure we'd find 101 different things.” He recommends not taking off your socks when asked to take off your shoes, and always take a spare pair if a person wears sandals.

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