Famous islands filled with Russian tourists: Russian speech is everywhere

Russian tourists flooded the famous islands: Russian speech is everywhere

The Chinese are rapidly returning to the Maldives, but no one has yet been able to move Russian tourists from their positions. The famous islands continue to be filled with Russian tourists: Russian is spoken everywhere. This assessment was voiced in the local press, presenting up-to-date statistics on tourists.

As of early July, the Maldives is moving towards the first million and received a total of 952,608 tourists, which is 14.2% more than in the same period last year. The first place remains with India, but Russia is slightly behind in numbers, India – 112,771 tourists, Russia – 111,519 tourists.

The expansion of our tourists is especially noticeable against the background of Europeans. Great Britain stayed in third place, “putting” about 82 thousand tourists. But Germany has already lost fourth place to China, which is rapidly growing after the opening. The Maldives has already received almost 68 thousand tourists from China and 67 thousand tourists from Germany. This is followed by Italy, USA, France, Switzerland and South Korea.

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