Fascinating ruins: 10 picturesque ruins from around the world

Well-preserved historic buildings are a delight to look at. Half-destroyed, they chain him. There is something fascinating in the ruins

Valley of the Mills

Italy, Sorrento

Mesmerizing ruins: 10 picturesque ruins from around light

In the very center of the city, a hundred meters from Torquato Tasso Square, from the cliff on Fuorimura Street, an unexpected view of the green gorge opens up. At the very bottom is a dilapidated, moss-covered building. Once these ruins were a mill. It is known that in the 16th century it was already used – it worked on water coming from springs on the hills. Nearby were also a sawmill and a laundry. The mill was abandoned at the beginning of the 20th century: due to high humidity and lack of wind, people could not live and work there.

Carmelite Monastery

Portugal, Lisbon

Fascinating ruins: 10 picturesque ruins from around the world

The earthquake of 1755 turned the monumental temple Convento do Carmo of the XIV-XV centuries into ruins and completely destroyed the monastery library with 5000 books. During the reign of Maria I of Portugal, reconstruction was begun, but it was interrupted due to the expulsion of monastic orders in 1834. Remained neo-Gothic partitions and arches between the naves. Romanticization of dilapidated antiquities was in vogue, so it was decided not to rebuild the monastery. In 1864, the archaeological museum was located here.

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Whitby Abbey

United Kingdom, Yorkshire

Fascinating ruins: 10 picturesque ruins from around the world

It is called one of the scariest places in England. The abbey, founded in 657, was destroyed in 867-870 by the Vikings under the leadership of Ubbe and Ivar the Boneless, sons of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok. Two hundred years later, the building was restored as a Benedictine monastery. And in 1540 the abbey was destroyed by Henry VIII. Since then, it has been abandoned, attracting lovers of mysticism. Someone sees the ghost of the first abbess of the monastery Hilda in the gaps in the windows, someone hears the sounds of a drowned bell. The abbey impressed Bram Stoker so much that he described Whitby as the place where Dracula turns into a dog.


Morocco, Fes-Meknes

Fascinating ruins: 10 picturesque ruins from around the world

A monument of outstanding importance, a clear illustration of the interaction between Roman and local cultures – this is how the object in the UNESCO World Heritage List is characterized. The city is considered the ancient capital of the Mauritanian kingdom. It was abandoned in the 11th century, and in 1755 it suffered from the Lisbon earthquake.

Church in Hwalsi

Greenland, Qaqortoq

Fascinating ruins: 10 picturesque ruins from around the world

Historians still note the good quality of the assembly of the church, erected by the Norwegian Vikings on the banks of the fjord in the 12th century. Other buildings of that time in Greenland have long ceased to exist. And these walls of one and a half meters thick of hewn stone are still standing. Perhaps the reason is the remoteness of the ruins from the hiking trails. Only the most desperate campers get here.

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