Fires in Turkey turned to hotels

Turkish fires turned to hotels

Russian social networks are circulating information about a forest fire in Turkey – the statement that it was extinguished turned out to be premature. In the resort of Kemer, beloved by our tourists, they continue to put out a forest fire in the area of ​​u200bu200btourist zones – smoke over the city continues to rise, tourists write. In the meantime, an alarm sounded for Russian tourists in Turkey: the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Antalya urged the Russians not to leave the hotels – read the details here.

“In Kemer and Goynuk, firefighting measures aimed at eliminating the forest fire continue. If in the morning the pillars were small, now they have turned black and began to spread. Helicopters and planes fetching water from the sea have been flying over the forest every two minutes since six in the morning,” vacation tourists reported about this to TC Readovka.

At the same time, at least there is no panic among our tourists. There is no special smell of burning in the resort. But the smoke continues to rise.

Recall that the first natural disaster was recorded on a route well known to our tourists: at about 21.00, a fire broke out in the forest on the side of the Kemer-Antalya highway in the Degirmendere region. The drought and strong wind caused the flames to spread in an instant. Reinforced fire brigades from Antalya and Kumluca were sent to extinguish the fire. Nearby communities threatened by fire were also evacuated as a precautionary measure. At the same time, according to the Turkish press, six people who inhaled smoke were hospitalized. 10 residential buildings and a local hospital were also evacuated. As Antalya Governor Ersin Yazici added, he said that as of 05:30 in the morning they began to fight the fire from the air, using 6 helicopters and 4 planes. Read more here.

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