Fires swept the entire Mediterranean: tourists flee

Cyclone Cerberus, following the hellish heat, brought “hellish flames” to popular resorts – fires engulfed virtually the entire Mediterranean. Tourists are fleeing the flaming islands of Greece and Italy, pazhyrs have flared up in Algeria and Tunisia, Spain is next in line, and forests near popular resorts are already burning in Turkey – and warnings are already being issued for our vacationers.

Foreign press leads the following list of countries where fires are currently raging:

Greece– the fire in Rhodes has been going on for the seventh day, the fight against fire is underway, but so far unsuccessfully, while one of the fire planes crashed. Recall that the catastrophe with the fires in Rhodes still “reached out” to travel agencies: tour operators around the world urgently cancel their tours to this island and turn off charters there. At least, according to the Greek press, all major suppliers of tourists from the UK and Germany have said so. Read the details here. True, other popular islands are at risk of following Rhodes soon – in particular, large fires have been recorded on the island of Corfu.

Turkey– forest fires continue to be extinguished, including in such popular tourist provinces as Izmir – there it burns in Menemen and Kemalpasha; as well as in the province of Antalya, in the resort of Kemer, which is popular with our tourists. Airplanes and helicopters are involved in extinguishing. For Russian tourists, a warning was issued yesterday by the Consulate General — read more in the article “An alarm signal sounded for Russian tourists in Turkey: the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Antalya urged Russians not to leave hotels.”

Italy — and here the violence of the elements “covered” the most popular resort. In Sicily, flights to Palermo Airport have been temporarily suspended due to forest fires. Frightened tourists are forced to wait for evacuation and breathe burning. The fire started on Tuesday morning July 25 near the town of Cinisi. The cause of the fires was dry hot weather – in the country for several weeks the thermometer “walked” between +30 ° C and +42 ° C, and in some parts of eastern Sicily last Monday it even rose to a record +47.6 ° C, which nearly surpassed the European record of +48.8°C set in August 2021. From the city, the flames spread to the perimeter of the air harbor. Read more here.

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