Five Russian tour operators stopped sending tourists

Five Russian tour operators stopped sending tourists

One tour operator left the market voluntarily, five more stopped sending tourists due to the problem of financial guarantees, i.e. due to failure to provide information about the availability of financial security. This is the latest order of the Federal Tourism Agency.

As a result, only 366 companies remain in the list of “outbound” tour operators in Russia. In previous years, their number reached 2.5 thousand.

The tour operator Budget Travel voluntarily left the market and was crossed out “in connection with the provision of the termination of tour operator activities”.

As for the rest of the victims , then they are as follows:

  1. Limited Liability Company “Premier Kazan”
  2. Limited Liability Company “Vershina-Tour”
  3. Limited Liability Company “SPbTickets”
  4. Limited Liability Company “Far East”
  5. Limited Liability Company “DOSKIKETS”

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