Flight attendant tells tourist she has a stupid face, sparking controversy

The stewardess told the tourist that she had a stupid face, causing a scandal

The verbal abuse that a flight attendant made against a tourist on board the plane turned into a scandal and the removal of the passenger and her companion from the flight after they left their suitcases in the top first-class lockers. The details were published by the Daily Star.

The incident occurred on board the aircraft of the American airline Delta, en route from Orlando to New York (USA) in November last year. However, the scandal with the landing of a married couple of Americans has not ended. According to the traveler's account, there were no overhead pieces of hand luggage left in their class, so the couple made the decision to store their belongings in lockers in the more expensive section of the plane. At some point, a conflict ensued with the stewardess about this, and a crew member told the girl that she had a “stupid face.” At the same time, the husband of the passenger claimed that they were “threatened” and “verbally insulted”. Then the couple was kicked off the flight, the airline did not publish the wording of the refusal to fly.

Part of the skirmish was filmed by Thomas Todd, the husband of the passenger. The footage shows how the flight attendant addresses the tourist as follows: “Don't look at me with such a stupid face.” When a tourist commented that he had video evidence of the abuse, the stewardess replied: “I don’t care.”

flight back in November … The only thing Jen (wife) did was smile, ”he later said on his social media pages.

As Todd later said, he was contacted by a representative of the air carrier and set a condition: compensation would be appointed only after the removal of videos from social networks. The man agreed. However, he never received the payment.

The media intervened. When asked by the publication, a Delta spokesperson replied: “We apologize for the flight delay for all customers of Flight 1260 from Orlando to LaGuardia on November 7, 2022. Then the flight crew decided to drop off some customers shortly after departure. These customers were rebooked to another Delta flight and we have contacted them to apologize and provide compensation.”

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