Freezing sales of foreign tours and the suspended state of tourists: Russians were offered tours to escape from difficult reality

Frozen sales of foreign tours and suspended state of tourists: Russians were offered tours to escape from difficult reality< /p>For tourists who are in limbo and want to escape from the “difficult reality”, tour operators have offered autumn budget trips to a number of destinations within Russia: Altai, Dagestan, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, North Ossetia, Sochi. At the same time, sales of overseas tours have been put on hold. This was announced by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia “ATOR”.

According to travel agency employees, due to recent events in the world, many Russians were seized by panic and a sense of uncertainty. In such conditions, each traveler manifests himself in different ways: someone decides to postpone the trip until better times, someone urgently cancels the planned vacation, but there are also those who ask to pick up tours in Russia for them for a period of several days in order to escape from reality and overload during the tour.

What do tour operators offer?

For example, Space Travel offers Russian tourists autumn excursions in Altai of different duration – for 6 and 8 days and 11 nights. Departures are available from Moscow and Novosibirsk. The price of the trip starts from 132 thousand rubles. for two people.

The tour operator “Intourist” recommends that compatriots go on vacation to the mountains of North Ossetia. Organized tours to the republic are already available for purchase. So, a 4-day tour with a departure from the capital will cost tourists 72 thousand rubles. This is the price for two.

For Russians who want to take pictures against the backdrop of historical and cultural attractions, Anex-Tour recommends going to St. Petersburg. The cost of the tour in October, excluding travel expenses, is 10,000 rubles. for two for 5 nights in a 5* hotel.

In addition, the tour operator offers compatriots autumn tours in Sochi. In October, a ticket, including the cost of air tickets and accommodation in a four-star hotel without food, will cost about 40 thousand rubles. The calculation is made for two.

PEGAS Touristik is ready to send the Russians to Kaliningrad and Makhachkala for reloading. The price of a 7-day tour to Kaliningrad starts from 41.2 thousand rubles. for two, and to Dagestan – from 44 thousand rubles. for two.

Earlier, Russian tourists were informed that the prices for air tickets to Turkey, Kazakhstan and the UAE will begin to fall no earlier than the beginning of October, and will return to normal around the middle of the month (details here).

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