From 70 thousand rubles for two for a week with a flight: Anex expanded the range of its programs

From 70 thousand rubles for two for a week with a flight: Anex expanded the range of its programs

Anex Tour announced that it had expanded the range of its programs and offered tourists a new accommodation option in the popular Russian resort. Prices are quite affordable – from 70 thousand for two for a week, while we are talking about a popular complex in the Imeretinskaya Bay in the resort of Sochi. More precisely, about the Bridge Resort 4 * hotel. Tour operator experts recommend that lovers of family vacations take a closer look at it.

“The hotel is on instant confirmation, so even at the height of the summer season, the tour operator can offer its tourists all the options, including those with arrival on the next dates. You can book a tour at two rates – standard and non-refundable. By booking a tour with a non-refundable rate, the tourist receives a more favorable cost of the tourist package, however, it should be remembered that in case of cancellation and/or any changes in the application, a fine of one day's stay will be charged, ”Anex explained for a start.

The hotel offers both tours with flights and offers based on ground accommodation. Only “ground” will cost from 67 thousand rubles for two. Non-refundable rate for “breakfasts” – from 88 thousand rubles. for two for a tour with a flight for five nights; “all inclusive” in this case will cost from 127 thousand rubles for two. At the standard tariff, prices, respectively, from 105 thousand rubles. for “breakfasts” and 154 thousand for “all inclusive”. Other types of meals are also possible.

“First of all, we recommend this accommodation option to families with children. Unlike the central districts of the city, flat terrain prevails here, which allows walking with strollers without any difficulties. Bridge Resort 4 * is located in an ecologically clean quiet area and has panoramic views of both the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. The developed infrastructure allows vacationers to spend their leisure time in the most diverse way; a large team of animators works on the territory of the complex, which offers entertainment for every taste. Within walking distance is the embankment, the Olympic and ornithological park,” Anex added.

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