From a shark that ate a Russian tourist, in Egypt they will make a mummy and put it in a museum

A shark that ate a Russian tourist will be made into a mummy in Egypt and displayed in a museum

The mummy of a shark that ate a Russian tourist, will be exhibited in a museum in Egypt. This, with reference to local media, was reported in RBC. According to the publication, specialists from the Institute of Marine Sciences and Red Sea Reserves in Egypt plan to mummify a killer shark, make a stuffed animal out of it and put it in a museum at the institute.

It is also reported that one of the stages of the investigation into the death of a Russian in Egypt completed. The remains of the Russian were handed over to a specialized company for their transportation to Russia, Viktor Voropaev, Consul General in Hurghada, told TASS.

N.B. Earlier in Egypt, they told how parts of the body of a Russian tourist were removed from the stomach of a slaughtered shark, which ate him alive. Read the details at this link.

We also recall that hotels in Hurghada received a “categorical order” to check the “anti-shark” protection, after which beaches were reopened in Hurghada, but not all. The Dream Beach itself remains closed, where a shark attacked a person. But so far, many are afraid of a new shark attack.

Let us recall that the beach where the attack took place is a municipal one, that is, tourists living in hotels appear there in extremely small numbers. The entire surrounding area, according to the Egyptian media, “is closed for the revision of the security system and the improvement of security standards.” Under these words, apparently, a tender for the purchase and installation of protective nets and deterrent devices is hidden. Which is about to be announced. Read the details at this link.

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