From the Russians in Thailand began to massively extort money at the border

Russians in Thailand began to be massively extorted money at the border

An unpleasant surprise awaits Russian wintering tourists and “relocators” (i.e., those who fled Russia for the time of the NWO) in Thailand: now Thai border guards have begun to massively extort money from those who want to get by with a tourist visa using the so-called border-run mechanism when returning to the kingdom . As one of the Russian tourists said on social networks, her daughter and her husband, who left for Thailand to wait out difficult times, faced a similar situation. Moreover, the tourists got off with “little blood” by paying a bribe in the amount of only about 1.6 thousand rubles for our money per person (i.e. 800 Thai baht). In the comments to this post, there were victims who had to give much larger sums to the border guards for the right to return to Thailand – up to 30 thousand rubles per person.

Recall that the border run (border run) or visa run (visa run) is a scheme that has long been proven by “winterers” that allows you to live in Thailand without a visa. The law on visa-free stay previously allowed living in the country only 30 days, now their number has been increased to 45, but nevertheless, this period is clearly not enough for “wintering”. And even more so for the so-called “relocators”. The border run scheme makes it possible to increase this period by two or three times, allowing you to reset the previous period of stay in the kingdom in one or two days and, as it were, enter the country again for the next 45 days.

Usually, for this, tourists go on short trips to neighboring countries, most often to Cambodia or, as in the case of the complaining tourist, to Malaysia (this is south of Thailand). In fact, you can “crank” such a tour on your own by crossing the border along the pedestrian corridor. Moreover, in the “pre-Covid” time, a real industry was developed in Thailand, which earned money on short trips of winterers to the border run for a new visa…

However, now the “officials” have felt the profit. As the tourist complained on her Instagram (the network owned by Meta and FB was recognized as extremist and banned in Russia), they left Thailand for Malaysia, but the Thai border guards refused to put reverse entry stamps on her and her relocant husband. The pretexts were very different, mainly they tried to prove to tourists that such border-run schemes are prohibited, and they now have to apply for a Thai visa at the Thai embassy in Malaysia. At the same time, it was clearly hinted that a small bribe would solve the problem.

Which is what the narrator did. According to her, the new stamp cost her 800 baht (about 1,600 rubles) per person – the couple had to cry that, they say, they had almost no money left. According to the commentators on this story, the couple was really tangibly lucky – you can say that they returned to Thailand almost for free. The fact is that some of the “victims” received bribes of up to 30,000 rubles per person, or about 15,000 baht.

Recall that with the mass return of tourists in Thailand, scandals began to flare up one after another, where on the one hand there are tourists who are in a difficult situation, and on the other, law enforcement officers who extort bribes from tourists by hook or by crook. The latest high-profile scandal occurred with a singer from Taiwan who came to celebrate the New Year in the kingdom. The star of the local cinema, who played in the “Perfect Girl”, Sharlene An, warned all tourists about bribes and torture in the Thai police, talking about schemes for pressing foreigners. The actress herself with the company managed to “get out of the dungeons” only for a large bribe: according to her, the Royal Thai Police (RTP) extorted 27,000 baht (almost 57 thousand rubles) from her and her friends on false, fabricated charges. At first, the police actively denied the allegations, but last weekend one of the officers involved in the extortion confessed to everything. Read the details at this link. So Russian tourists with relocators should now be careful in Thailand and avoid the police…

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