From the USA, charters to a previously banned country begin

Charters to previously banned country begin from US

US resumes charter flights to Cuba. According to the American edition of NBS, in the “Trump era” flights to Cuba were allowed only to Havana, and only on the Cuban carrier Air Havana, and with the advent of the pandemic, they were completely closed.

And now everything is changing: the Biden administration announced the other day that it will lift some Trump-era restrictions on Cuba, including travel restrictions. “The United States will allow charter and commercial flights to airports outside of Havana,” the publication states.

The types of trips will also be expanded for tourists – in particular, in addition to individual tours, group trips will also be allowed, business tourism and trips with educational purpose. The Cuban Foreign Ministry, in turn, said that this decision is a step in the right direction.

Note that Cuba was “closed” to Russian tourists by air sanctions. The country itself is ready to receive Russians, however, the approach is actually closed by the territory of countries that have closed the sky for Russia.

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